Heritage conservation and restoration

Restoration that respects the historic nature of a building through using the same materials and techniques originally used and conserving the original fabric as much as possible.

Natural plaster and paints

Creation and application of plasters and renders that improve our wellbeing through creating spaces that nourish us and stimulate our senses.

As well as containing healthy properties, the natural materials used make for durable finishes that age gracefully over the years.

Using the natural creativity and plasticity of the materials, we can achieve unique finishes with a huge variety of options as regards design, colour, shape and texture.

Decorative finishes and murals

There are endless possibilities when it comes to the different techniques: from sgraffito, pargetting, or even incised decoration...Let your imagination run wild!

Holistic assessment and interior design

Advice on natural building design and heritage restoration, with a focus on the best options for materials and techniques for a sturdy, healthy and eco-friendly build.