Healthy and ecological building made with hands, mind and heart


A degree in Architectural Interior Design from ESDi (Ramon LLull University, Spain) left me unsatisfied with poor quality, conventional, and ultimately toxic modern building methods, and I therefore decided to study a Masters in the Biology of Building at IEB (Spanish Institute of Baubiologie). This course taught me a holistic approach to building where common sense, health and ecology were the key principles, and I was soon committed to challenging conventional building methods. It was at that moment that I decided it was time to get my hands dirty and begin my professional career working with natural plaster.

I travelled to various countries, curious to learn about different techniques and materials. This thirst for knowledge led me to work, collaborate and participate across the UK, as well as Spain, France, Greece, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Morocco, Panama, Colombia, the USA and Canada.

I received a grant to join the Building Craft Programme run by the Prince's Foundation, where I had the opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with master craftspeople, from whom I learnt the type of invaluable traditional skills that can be lost in just a generation. Since then, I have had the privilege to continue collaborating with them in projects across the UK.